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This site now comes with an actual title - albeit not quite a display of high culture of creative internet presence naming - and an image to go with it that I actually spent 10 minutes in the GIMP on, not to mention the half hour for obtaining the font used and downloading everything.

Which means that this now officially has effort put into it.

blackhole89!1130fc34d4 @2008-08-12 04:11:09
Testing the comment system. 1,2,3.
NightKev @2008-08-12 04:32:24
Whee? What is this for anyway. :P
blackhole89!1130fc34d4 @2008-08-12 04:34:29
The comment system or the site?

The former is because I recently found that all kinds of people go to my site while grinding logs and would be more than curious over getting some feedback; the latter has served as a storage for my stuff ever since.
NightKev @2008-08-12 04:37:33
You might want to make it so it doesn't redirect to "?act=comment" (or whatever it is exactly) because I tried to refresh the page and Firefox says "I WILL HAS TO POST COMMENT AGAIN KAY?".
Arbe!7775e71930 @2008-09-15 00:36:12
I forgot how tripcodes work.
Arbe!7775e71930 @2008-09-15 00:36:24
~nael @2009-03-17 16:08:19
hey, nice page (I like it basic...)
are you still working on solar soundtrack, i'd really love the idea of a snes tracker and i'm curious if the project is going to have a future.
blackhole89!1130fc34d4 @2009-03-17 17:36:56
Thanks. Yeah, I'm still working on it on and off. There's a somewhat more recent screenshot at http://twilightro.kafuka.org/~blackhole89/lnk/sstscreenlol.png, though not much changed on the surface apart from the prettier deleting marker on that one yet. (Since then, a couple of other things has changed, but I won't bother with making a new screenshot yet)
~nael @2009-03-17 17:51:59
looking forward to it.
the_cruel @2009-04-26 04:50:43
ich habe mir deinen text nochmal verinnerlicht und ich muss sagen, das er mir von mal zu ma besser gefällt!
kannst dich ja mal melden, wenn du magst.
the_cruel at gmx.net
spot @2009-06-05 02:16:04
we want solar soundtrack now! releae a beta! :)
Dongs[fuckyeah] @2010-02-15 05:30:14
Nikolaj @2010-08-18 18:15:58
This looks interesting.
blurayno @2012-07-27 16:03:01
Hi! It's the god speaking here! I just decided to name myself as a beta tester for solar soundtrack! Starting right now, by force! Just kidding :D
I'd still happily try it out, doesn't matter how incomplete it is since you seem to have the basic functionality coded in already. ...Heck, I think I'll be bribing you to release the beta if it's taking much longer!
B. Kel. @2013-11-02 19:14:39
Is this page still frequented? What's the status on Solar Soundtrack? I've been out of loop for ~7 years or so (probably more), and I've no idea where to look for new information (if any exists). But a tracker that can output .spcs is something dreams are made of.
konata @2016-05-09 01:42:49
cderp @2016-07-22 05:17:12
oh this is a thing
fuk @2017-12-08 18:47:03
Moline @2017-12-10 02:08:23
Is this site even still in use? It looks like it used to be an RO server before being turned into this site. Also, come visit Moline, Illinois, the thrash metal capital of the world. Also, what happened to MidnightRO?
Gil_ @2018-08-10 16:31:07
How's it going? Several years ago you helped me work on the Russian game Storehouse No. 18. There was something you done to the table file to get the Russian to display right since UFT-8 and Unicode is not displaying right in Windhex, doesn't dump right either. I can't remember what you did to get the characters to display right. I also used the Russian character editor there and it the characters still don't display right. I'm wondering if you could tell me what you done. I'm working on the game Balda. Which is some word game by the same game programmer as Storehouse No.18.

I don't know how to contact you and I just returned after a long break. I got my new website up too. http://anotherwormhole.com/gil-galad/index.html
Gil_ @2018-08-10 16:32:47
I also made a keyboard for Russian to help me make table files. These characters are unicode which doesn't work right in Windhex32.

Gil_ @2018-08-10 16:37:51
My email is gilgalad752008@gmail.com